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    Midland BT2 Intercom is the dream of all bikers: a communication and entertainment system for bikers enclosed in a single and unique device.
    The Midland BT2 Intercom can be connected via its Bluetooth mode to a mobile phone, GPS, MP3 stereo music player, plus it is fitted with a plug that enables it to be wired to an iPod/MP3 player or to PMR446 transceivers for bike to bike group communication.
    The Midland BT2 Intercom can be used as Rider to Pillion wireless intercom system or as a Rider to Rider (bike to bike) communication system up to a maximum range of 200 meters. The audio system, with two stereo speakers, can be connected to microphones to suit both open and closed faced helmets, with both solutions supplied as standard.
    If used in combination with a mobile phone that incorporates an MP3 player feature, FORWARD/REPLAY and PLAY/STOP controls can be directly managed from the Midland BT2 headset. Thanks to its large control buttons, drivers can easily and safely select the main mobile features even whilst wearing thick winter gloves. The Midland BT2 Intercom is completely waterproof and therefore suitable to be used in all weather conditions.

    Box with 1 Midland BT2 Intercom device, audio kit with stereo headset, wired and rigid bracket mikes (for open and closed faced helmets), stereo cable for iPOD/MP3 player, fixing mount kit (with bi-adhesive and screw-type clamp) wall charger.
    Midland BT2 Intercom - code C876

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